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EAP Services

The traditional full service EAP is a partnership between EAP, a company's management, human resources and it's employees. The key components of a full service EAP are management training and consulting, employee EAP orientation and face to face counseling with a professional counselor.

Hidalgo Health Associates

CISD Services

CISD is designed to help people deal with their trauma once incident at a time, allowing them to talk about the incident when it happens without judgement or criticism.

Hidalgo Health Associates

SAP Services

the primary safety objective of the DOT rules is to prevent through deterrence and detection; alcohol and controlled substance users from performing transportation industry safety sensitive functions.

Hidalgo Health Associates

WC Services

With a sound treatment plan and effective case management of behavioral issues, the injured worker can often be quickly returned to work as a productive employee thereby reducing claims.

Hidalgo Health Associates

IMA Services

IMA delivers expert, cost-effective and unbiased reviews and consultations. IMA delivers quality independent medical review in a timely manner.

Welcome to Hidalgo Health Associates

Founded in 1975, Hidalgo Health Associates is a full service behavioral health organization that designs and delivers Employee Assistance Programs, Independent Medical Appeal Services and Worker's Compensation Programs that address the unique requirements of each company's employees, workplace and healthcare issues which impact performance and profitability.

We do not believe that a one size fits all approach can adequately address the complex, legal, organizational, cultural and behavioral problems that impact companies in today’s society.

Whether your company has 50 or 50,000 employees our programs are designed to fit the specific needs of our individual clients.

We are a completely independent organization, not affiliated directly or indirectly with any insurance company, HMO hospital, clinic, or provider of behavioral services. This assures you, the client, of complete objectivity for all of our services. Your best interest is our best interest.

We provide services for over 750,000 lives. Our service area includes North and South America, the Caribbean and Europe. Our clients range in size from 50 to 17,000 employees, in businesses as diverse as environmental, manufacturing, chemicals, banking, media, universities, municipalities, law firms, hospitals, insurers and third party administrators.

We do the right thing even when no one else is looking.